Our 2022 Annual Report

The Mango Tree and our partners are excited to announce our 20th Anniversary this November! Across the coming year we will be reflecting on our achievements and the amazing impact our programmes have had over the past two decades.

We are also delighted to mark the start of our anniversary celebrations with the opening of a newly constructed girls’ secondary school in Kenya. You can read more about this exciting event, along with other uplifting stories from the amazing people and communities who we have been supporting, in this report.

Over the next few years, we will invest in supporting self-sustainability for our partner organisations, in order to minimise the increasing risk of extreme poverty posed by food and energy-related inflation. The rising cost of living is now being felt in Africa, particularly by those most vulnerable to food insecurity, and the worsening climate crisis is putting increasing pressure on many rural livelihoods. 

Despite these challenges, our partners are taking great strides towards independence and building resilience. By providing access to education, empowering women and girls, and boosting land-based livelihoods through locally-led programmes, we are helping to increase their capacity to withstand these and future economic shocks.

By removing barriers to education for orphaned children, vulnerable girls and women, and children with albinism, we are protecting those most at risk of significant harm from rape, abuse, slavery and ritual killing. Please help us continue to give those who are most disadvantaged the hand-up they deserve, and, as ever, thank you so much from everyone at The Mango Tree for your support.

To access our 2022 Annual Report, you can download the file by clicking the image above, or find it on our Annual Reports page.