Taking part in Miles for Mango

Starting on Monday 1st (no joke) until Sunday 30th June, the Miles for Mango Virtual challenge will be live! That means, during those 3 months, the distance you cover in any activity you do can be counted towards our target of 30,000 km in 30 days to raise £30,000 towards education fees for disadvantaged children in Kenya as part of our Learning and Skills for Life programme.

The details of our virtual challenge can be viewed on our Miles for Mango event page on Enthuse. From this page you can register to take part in the virtual challenge (click on Register on the right-hand side) or you can share this page with others to encourage them to register or donate to the challenge.

If you wish to register, you’ll be directed to sign up on the Miles for Mango registration page:

  1. Click the green “Register” button which you’ll find at the left or the bottom of the page, depending on whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device.
  2. After filling in a few details, you’ll need to scroll down right to the end passed the CREATE and FIND buttons, and select “Continue”.
  3. Then “Complete your registration”. We will then add you to the Miles for Mango Team.

You’ll be prompted to set your fundraising target, which you can change or leave, and then you’ll be invited to start personalising your profile (by adding a profile image) and – if you want, though you don’t need to – connecting to Strava (see this blog).

On your personal fundraising page, you can write a small paragraph about why you’re fundraising for us (we have provided some text for you as a starting point, but you are welcome to edit this). You can add your own photos, or download images from The Mango Tree (at the bottom of this page). For the tech savvy, there are more details on customising your page here.

To log-in to your page at a later date, you’ll need to go to your participant page (probably https://themangotree.enthuse.com/pf/firstnamesurname). Click the three lines ≡ menu button in the top right corner and then login in with your email address and your order number from your original receipt email.

If you have any trouble, please email Sarah on sarah@themangotree.com as she will be able to send you a link to access your account. For more details on editing your personal fundraising page, see this helpful guide from Enthuse.

From the moment you sign up and all through April, you’ll be able to post updates and photos about your activities on your fundraising page, as well as collect donations towards your own activities (as opposed to the collective event). However, only from April to June, will your activities count towards the 30,000 km target. So until then, tell your supporters about any training or preparation you’re doing, share pictures of getting stuck in the mud or the great view after a hilly hike, and then in April to June, tell them about your efforts to reach our target distance.

We will be keeping track of both the activity leaderboard and the top fundraisers, so there is plenty of opportunity for those who enjoy some healthy competition.

Top tip: people who update their fundraising pages more regularly, generally get more donations towards their cause.

Posts you make in Enthuse can then be shared to Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), or via URL.