How to add your activity to Miles for Mango

The Miles for Mango Virtual Challenge will take place during April. If you sign up as a participant, you can log any distance you cover in any activity of your choice towards our target of 30,000 km in 30 days, with the aim of raising £30,000 towards education fees for disadvantaged children in Kenya as part of our Learning and Skills for Life programme.

Once you’ve signed up to participate through our Enthuse page (see our previous blog), there are two way for you to add your activity during the Miles for Mango event:

  1. link your fundraising page with a Strava account
  2. or manually add your activity to your fundraising page

Linking to your Strava account

If you have a Strava account, you can connect your Enthuse profile to Strava so that your activity is logged automatically – but you’ll need to make sure you do this before the event since the information can not be logged retrospectively.

  1. You’ll need to do this on the mobile device that you use for Strava, opening a browser window (like Google, Safari, etc.), and logging in to Enthuse with you email address and order number (or follow the link from your registration receipt email)
  2. Scroll down to the bottom or your profile page and click the “Connect to Strava” button
  3. In the next window, click the “Connect” button
  4. Within the Strava window, scroll down and click the “Authorize” button
  5. And finally, click the “Finish” button

You’ll know that you’ve successfully connected to Strava when you scroll to the bottom of your profile page and see the option to disconnect. You can also double check from inside your Strava account, but only using a desktop.

Enthuse also have a guide on how to linking to your Strava account and also on privacy settings. You can set who can see your activity (which should be Everyone, so it shows in Enthuse), but you can fine tune these settings to control who much detail can be seen (such as FlyBys, which are a minute-by-minute map-based action replay or your activity) and also the start and end details of a route (i.e., to keep your exact home address private).

Strava also lets you add activities manually into the app, even if you didn’t record it with a GPS device by creating a manual activity. Using Strava for recorded or manually added activities will allow you to import a map of the route you travelled during your activity and any photos you took, into your profile in the Enthuse platform. Further guidance is available from Enthuse..

Manually adding your activity

If you don’t use Strava, then you can also simply add your activity manually inside Enthuse. Activities will only be logged if they are inside the challenge dates (1st – 30th April).

Close to the top of your profile page (when you are logged in), there is a button to “Add an activity”.

Once you click on this, the activity log will expand and you can manually fill in the details the activity you completed.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t currently pull in any photos, but you can use the “Write an update” option to share any views or muddy mishaps with your followers (see below).

Enthuse also provide step-by-step information on how to manually add your activity to your fundraising page

Other updates

You can also simply write an update on your profile page, by clicking “Write an update”. This doesn’t track any distance and so you can start writing updates straight away! You can add text and images to these updates to let your supporters know about any activities, training or preparation you’re doing before April.

Top tip: people who update their fundraising pages more regularly, generally get more donations towards their cause.

Posts you make in Enthuse can then be shared to Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), or via URL.