Our Approach

Education for development through community-led projects, harnessing local skills, knowledge and experience to build self-resilience - and commitment to change

We empower people and communities at risk of marginalisation by helping them raise their voice, contribute their ideas and take control of their own projects. Encouraging social enterprise models and supporting our partners to trust local solutions, we build on the education structures and skills which already exist. We encourage self-agency and promote rights for those most under-represented, such as girls and women, disabled people, orphans, and those living with HIV and other long-term health problems.

Working with longstanding partners, organisations, institutions and dynamic individuals who are committed to social justice and equal opportunities for all, we develop programmes that build independence for orphans, vulnerable children and their families, and enable young people to develop their capabilities, access opportunities and reach their full potential.

We promote volunteering and community engagement, using an approach which develops self-agency and community social responsibility, and supports a robust network of trained local volunteers. Our Community Service Volunteer Programme encourages the orphans who have been sponsored by us through their education to complete a year of volunteer work, either for The Mango Tree or within their community, after which they qualify for bursaries towards further education or training.     

Our approach to ‘education for development’ is broad and our projects support access to both formal education at schools, colleges and universities, as well as informal education, health education and educational capital build projects. We mainly focus on children and young people, but do support projects that support the resilience of their families or guardians.