Our Team

Meet the people who lead the Mango Tree in the UK and Africa, alongside some of the partner organisations we support
Consolata Norbert Kunyada

Director Mango Tree Kenya

Consolata holds a BA in Social Transformation, an MA in Project Planning & Management and is currently studying for a PhD in Governance for Social Transformation. She has initiated, run and/or governed TMT Kenya, TMT Farmers Cooperative Society, TMT Education Trust, TMT Girls School and TMT Malawi Orphan Support Trust, and runs the Homa Bay County Girls Rescue & Recovery Center. A trainer in community-led social transformation, in 2009 she received a Head of State Commendation in recognition of her work.

Emily Wilder

Director Mango Tree UK

With over 25 years experience both volunteering and working in International Development and the UK charity sector, Emily brings a diverse range of skills to her role as Director of The Mango Tree UK. Her practical overseas project development experience, charity leadership and administration expertise includes fundraising, grant management, strategic development, and monitoring and evaluation. She is passionate about supporting innovations which are inclusive and empowering to those most under-represented in society.

Georgie Brooks

Finance Manager

Georgie brings a wealth of corporate experience to The Mango Tree organisation, having worked in a number of financial institutions, including Mayfair Capital IM, and the hospitality sector for Caprice Holdings & Bass PLC. She travelled through Southern and Eastern Africa after her studies, continuing to explore the world whenever work allowed before she left corporate life in London and settled in Gloucestershire. She has also been involved with fundraising for Palestinian medical and cultural organisations for many years.

Peter Kunyada

Director Mango Tree Malawi

One of the Founders of The Mango Tree Kenya, Peter holds an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability and is a skilled motor mechanic. He has dedicated 24 years to supporting orphans and disadvantaged communities in East Africa, and recently achieved his aim to set up and run an orphan support programme in his native homeland, Malawi.

Lugano Janken

Chair Tanzania Deaf Skills Forum

Lugano has qualifications in sign language, teacher training in sign language and business management. His education was supported by The Mango Tree and his own experiences as a deaf child inspired him to set up an NGO in Tanzania with a vision for supporting deaf young people to gain access to education, employment and independence.

Rabson Mwang’onda

Founder EYETA

A Mango Tree-supported orphan, Rabson completed his education and went on to gain an Advanced Diploma in Anaesthesia from Bugando Medical University, Tanzania. Using his local knowledge and experience he set up EYETA to support other orphans who are unable to access formal education due to poverty by providing school fees and resources.

Salatiel Mwakyambiki

Principal KPC

Salatiel has a PhD in Econometrics & Policy Analysis and is a long-term researcher in the social economics of rural communities. He has worked as a researcher and think-tank advisor to the government and was Deputy Principal of the local government training institute before becoming Principal of Kyela Polytechnic College. He has been working with children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and vulnerable deaf children and young people, since 2013.

Upendo Mwinuka

Deputy Principal KPC

Qualified in teaching and rural development, Upendo has a degree in Development Finance & Investment Planning, an MSc in Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, and is currently studying for a PhD. She has over 20 years of experience working with organisations and specialises in teaching, training and facilitation, and business management training. She manages the academic programmes at KPC and runs income-generating activities.

Clement Jona Mwaitabele

Foundation of Community Hope

As an ordained Pastor, Clement is the chairperson and main spokesperson for the Foundation of Community Hope, a faith-based organisation under the Moravian Church. He has worked in Kyela District, Tanzania for most of his working life and he is passionate about social justice and supporting the most vulnerable in society, especially those at risk of poverty, poor health and lack of access to education.