Building long-standing relationships to raise funds, add value for schools and support volunteering and cultural exchange programmes

Our long-standing school partnerships are concerned with building meaningful relationships so that students in both the UK and Africa gain mutual benefits, learning and enrichment. The schools supporting us raise money through a multitude of inspired events, as well as participating in cultural exchange programmes. 

How your school can get involved

Whether you’d like to organise a talk about The Mango Tree’s work in your school, a fundraising event or sports challenge – you’ve come to the right place. There are so many great ways you can support our work. Just contact us today at and we’ll send you some resources to support in setting up a fundraising Just Giving Page – or simply chat through your fundraising ideas or ways we could work together to support cultural exchange and international learning links. 

Uppingham School

We have built a strong relationship with the Uppingham School and over the years have facilitated volunteering opportunities for many of their students, several of whom have gone on to study international development at university. Since 2003 they have raised over £250,000 for us through a multitude of fundraising events from overnight bike rides to the 65 mile ‘Rutland Round’ run. And when their latest fundraising event was cancelled due to COVID-19, they didn’t give up – instead creating the ‘Farleigh Foundation Lockdown Challenge’ which featured numerous creative challenges based around the number 1896, the year Uppingham’s Farleigh Boarding House was founded.

“Visiting The Mango Tree projects in Kenya was incredible, the entire experience was truly humbling. It was so inspiring to see how the money we have raised can make such a impact.”
Uppingham School student