Trusts & Foundations

The backbone of our income, providing us with strong foundations and enabling us to plan for the future

We are extremely grateful for the longstanding, committed support and encouragement we have received from all our family trusts and foundations. The Samworth Foundation and The Oglesby Charitable Trust have been long-term supporters of our work with substantial grants towards both capital projects and education costs, enabling us to build the Kyela Polytechnic College in Tanzania and the girlsā€™ secondary school in Kenya.

The Waterloo Foundation has supported our sustainable livelihoods work in Kenya for the past four years, with grants towards our sustainable aquaculture projects providing better family nutrition, increased income levels and improved natural resource management. The Bloom Foundation and The Marr Munning Trust funded the construction of our residential training centre in Mawego. This has enabled us to run seminars, provide extra tuition for student programmes during the holidays, and gain rental income from hiring out the centre to other local organisations.

Kate Vokes
Oglesby Charitable Trust

Chair of Trustees of the Oglesby Charitable Trust, which has long supported our work with major grants towards both capital projects and education costs, Kate brings a wealth of experience in youth, arts and culture organisations. She has visited Africa to see our work first-hand on several occasions, including a trip with her family to see the impact that the Trust’s grants have made possible.

“Taking our boys to The Mango Tree in Kenya was incredibly inspirational for them and the memories will stay with us for a lifetime. Being part of the graduation day was a privilege ā€“ a true sense of community, celebration and respect for education.”