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A big thank you from everyone at The Mango Tree for continuing to support our work – without which, none of these life-changing stories would be possible!

2021 has been a challenging year for our partners and communities in the areas where we work in sub-Saharan Africa. Widespread flooding across Kenya and Malawi damaged thousands of livelihoods and this came just as coronavirus was beginning to impact these rural communities.

Recovery from coronavirus, and supporting long-term resilience to protect people against poverty and climate change, is now a core focus of our education and development work. We have developed a three-pronged Covid-19 recovery strategy – to assist and protect the vulnerable, to support social enterprise projects which assist people to re-build more resilient livelihoods, and to ensure continuous access to some form of formal education or training.

Our outdoor village schools project was a great success in western Kenya, providing Covid-safe outdoor secondary school classes to over 500 children in 28 temporary outdoor schools. We are delighted to report that the project was featured on national television in Kenya. We also funded a new project in Malawi to support the diversification of rural livelihoods in areas badly affected by Covid-19, flooding and droughts, and have provided development loans to EYETA and TDSF so that they can develop social enterprises.

We are also still actively fundraising to complete the construction and equipping of our Girls’ School in western Kenya – so far we have raised £620,000 towards this fantastic project and still need a further £300,000 to get the school open by April 2022. Let us know if you would like to help us!

To read our complete Annual Report 2021, you can download the file by clicking the image above, or from our Annual Reports page.