The Mango Tree

Improving educational opportunities and sustainable
livelihoods for disadvantaged
children and young people

Miles for Mango!

Join us between 1 April 2024 – 30 April 2024 as we embark on an epic 30,000km virtual run, walk, cycle, swim or skate round Africa to hand over the baton to our partners in Kenya and Tanzania.

20 years of impact, 2023 Annual Report

This year we have been celebrating 20 years of The Mango Tree’s impact for orphans & disadvantaged families in East Africa.
As we look back at how far we’ve come, we hope you’ll join us as we look forward to a resilient and empowered African-led future.

Our Impact

Over the past 20 years we have supported disadvantaged children and their families in Africa, improving their access to education, supporting health and well-being, and investing in sustainable livelihoods and environmental sustainability.


disadvantaged children and orphans gained access to education 


girls & women empowered through education, enterprise & advocacy 


intergenerational beneficiaries by 2050 across all programmes 


invested in Africa to support education and community development 

Our Theory of Change

To empower children through education and improve their lives and communities

Our Approach

Development through community-led projects harnessing local skills and experience 

Where We Work

Our projects are focused in areas of sub-Saharan Africa that have been badly affected by HIV and AIDS. Homabay County in Kenya, Kyela District in Tanzania and Mwanza in Malawi are remote, rural areas where large numbers of orphaned children have limited access to education. Poverty forces over half of all children in these areas out of education after primary school, leaving them without the skills to find paid employment. Climate change, environmental destruction and resource depletion are also creating serious challenges to the rural economy and the capacity to be self-reliant and resilient.

Our Projects

Our portfolio of educational projects includes means-tested fees bursaries, extra tuition and holiday enrichment programmes, psychosocial support, sexual health education and HIV testing, careers advice, vocational training, work experience and apprenticeships, as well as supporting educational infrastructure construction projects.

As part of our commitment to life-long learning and skills based education, we build on local knowledge, resources and experience, supporting community cooperatives and social enterprises and providing nature resource management training to encourage environmentally sustainable livelihoods so families can become self-reliant and independent.

Our Team & Partners

Our Team

Meet our team members in the UK and Africa

Our Partners

Organisations we work with to deliver our projects

Our Trustees

The Mango Tree’s governing body and advisors